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How should your cushion vinyl floor be maintained?
What comes next after your newly laid vinyl flooring in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom? How can you maintain its brand-new appearance? How is it cleaned? Let’s talk about the essentials! Vinyl floors require cleaning just like any other type of flooring. A spotlessly clean floor makes all the difference, be it from dust, footprints, or other debris. Using a mop and a soft broom or vacuum cleaner, you may easily clean a vinyl floor. That is how simple it is. Easy and sensible!

How frequently should my vinyl floor be cleaned?

The amount of traffic and use in the room determines how frequently your floor needs to be cleaned. Cleaning a kitchen may be necessary more frequently than a hallway. More cleaning is required in a hotel lobby than in a conference space. You have complete control over how frequently you want to clean your floor each week.

However, how is a vinyl floor cleaned?

First, use a soft broom to sweep the floor to remove any last bits of dust. A vacuum cleaner is another option, but stay away from vacuums that have beater bars to prevent scratches.
Use a fresh, moist mop or cloth to clean the floor. Remember to often clean the mop with warm water. Make use of a common cleaning product or mild detergent.
Soak up any remaining water if needed. Verify that the floor is free of any standing water.

Is polishing vinyl floors necessary?

Cushion vinyl flooring that have been coated with PU lacquer or another extra protective layer typically don’t need to be polished. To give the surface a sheen and prevent stains, certain of our flooring might need to be polished. See our installation documentation located in the help area for further details.
Whatever you do, kindly refrain from using:
Furniture sanding
polish made with spirit
Strong detergents or bleach
Nylon wool or wire scouring pads
Liquid or powder abrasive cleansers

Always remember to adhere to the manufacturer’s directions. Verify whether the polish or cleaning is suited for use on cushion vinyl flooring, such as the ones we have.

Does my vinyl floor need to be waxed?

Is waxing vinyl floors necessary? Waxing is not necessary for vinyl flooring. Vinyl floors don’t need any special care, unlike hardwood or tile floors.
When cleaning my vinyl floor, what should I look out for?
How can you guard against physical harm to your floor? Steer clear of the following:
The rubber backing of doormats may cause the floor to become discoloured in a yellow hue. Pick a mat made of natural fibres instead.

Staining on furniture may result from rubber feet. Take them out completely, or sandwich felt pads or coasters between them.

Products that include spirit, such as permanent marker pens, solvents, shoe polish, and hair dye, should be used with caution. Eliminate spills and stains as soon as you can. These guidelines also apply to mustard, turmeric, and colourful meals.

Floor surfaces can be harmed by corrosive materials like acid and alkaline solutions. Spills should be cleaned up right away, being cautious not to come into contact with the material directly. When doing so, put on gloves and protective gear.

Take caution since bitumen or tar from recently resurfaced or melted roads and sidewalks can leave behind serious stains. Certain low-cost rubber shoe soles may also leave stains behind.

Spots, stains, and spills need to be cleaned up right away.

Vinyl Flooring