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We all adore wearing T-shirts with our favorite quotations on them. However, whether you are an illustrator, graphic designer, or typographer, it can be tough to get your work on a T-shirt. Your consumers will not buy all of your designs; therefore, you must use your creative abilities. Seo company Dubai has some of the best tips to start designing a custom graphic T-shirt.

Sketch it out
Go old-school and write your views on a sheet of paper. Write down your design concept and attempt to develop it further. First, try the design without colors and think about how you want to move forward. If you prefer not to employ your on-paper skills, you can go digital instead. Simply draw it using your preferred software.

Imagine it on a t-shirt
When using paper, it is difficult to predict how it will look on your clothing. So, try to visualize how the design will look on a T-shirt and consider several color choices. You can design it online and then place it on a sample T-shirt pattern or even a model. You can use Photoshop for this because it allows you to create layers. Simply apply the layout to a plain white tee and place your design on it to see the finished result.

Do not stuff too much
Less is more. Customers prefer complex designs; therefore, packing too much into your artwork is a no-no. People value great sketching skills and attention to detail. And some people stare at a t-shirt design for hours, especially if it’s a masterpiece. Keep it basic, and it will appeal to a large number of people.

Get a message across
Text is equally vital in design. It should convey a message. Is your T-shirt based on a feminist quote to market, or are you a Game of Thrones fan? The symbolism and theme should immediately become clear to the intended recipient. This will showcase the quality of its development.

Use subtle humor
Everyone enjoys a snarky statement on a t-shirt, but it should not come across as a joke. To communicate a joke or make someone chuckle with your design, you should use gentle humor. Make sure you execute it in a way that will get people’s attention while maintaining a decent balance.
We hope you have fun making some unique designs that customers will enjoy!

Seo company dubai