Good Psychologist in India

It means when one is in a fix, it is extremely important to look for the best psychologist. When it comes to psychology experts in India, one can easily

remember the name of Dr. Neha Mehta. In family, friends, and colleagues’ lives, Dr. Mehta has positively influenced numerous individuals embracing her extensive experience, the sorrowful professionalism, and raising mental health awareness.

Dr. Neha Mehta’s Background

Dr. Neha Mehta’s path to psychology was initiated in school when she created a strong knowledge base. Currently employed as a practicing psychologist, she was trained in a reputed university where she got her Ph. D. in Clinical Psychology and did several other trainings. Her working experience locus has encompassed more than a decade, in which she has impacted numerous populace, handling various psychological matters.

Specialist Fields

Dr. Mehta specializes in several areas, making her a versatile psychologist:Dr. Mehta specializes in several areas, making her a versatile psychologist:

Child Psychology: She has strong knowledge about child development and is involved mainly with children and adolescents in order to help them overcome behavioral concerns, learning disabilities, and emotional disorders.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Dr. Mehta is well versed in employing CBT – a widely recommended therapy type for dealing with anxiety, depression, and other related disorders.

Anxiety and Depression: She has comprehensive clinical experience as a therapist in treating anxiety and depression in her clients in order to teach them how to overcome anxiety barriers when doing their routine activities.

Relationship Counseling: In addition, Dr. Mehta offers individuals support in their relationships by offering guidance to married couples and families involved in conflicts with the aim of making necessary improvements.

Approach to Therapy

Dr. Mehta also follows client-centered practices in that he takes into consideration the specific needs or conducive environment that such clients prefer. She follows scientific technique so as to be capable to treat her patients successfully and she combines different treatment methods in order to be in a position to treat her

patients in the best possible ways. Because she is naturally tender-hearted and comprehending she makes her clients comfortable throughout the whole process.

Good Psychologist in India